Unicorn Dream Bracelet- Diamond Cut – Limited Supply – Last One


  • Condition: New, Unused

  • Cast in Lead-Free Pewter

  • Diamond Cut for Radiant Sparkle

  • Adjustable to Fit Most Wrist Sizes

  • Great Gift for Any Occasion

  • Proudly Made in the USA

  • Biomagnetic: Using Two Gold Plated Magnets

    This biomagnetic bracelet uses two “Rare Earth” gold plated magnets. For centuries, many have believed and used magnetic therapy to relieve pain. This use dates back to 800 B.C. This knowledge has now been rediscovered as people all over the world seek natural alternatives for healthy and pain-free lives. These Bracelets are adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. This beautifully crafted piece makes a unique, long lasting gift. ALL of our products come to you in NEW, UNUSED CONDITION. We will package your purchase with SPECIAL care and send to you via USPS First Class mail. The Wolf Creek Trading Company does not imply or make any medical claims on this product.

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