Grizzly Claw Rugged Carved Buffalo Bone, Bead & Leather Necklace #G3

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  • Grizzly Claw Replica (Looks Authentic)
  • Condition: Brand New, Unused
  • Adjustable Length to 24″ or longer
  • Can Be Adjusted Long, Short or In-Between
  • Approximate Size: 1″ x 2¼”
  • Great Gift for Male or Female

    A distinctive Western Americana Style Hand-carved Buffalo Bone, Leather and Hair-pipe Bead Necklace. The Grizzly Claw is a synthetic, resin replica (not authentic) of a Grizzly Bear’s claw. In most states it is illegal to buy or sell true actual bear products. Why not have the next best thing? These replicas actually look as good if not better than authentic grizzly bear claws. This rugged necklace is an adjustable sliding knot necklace that measures approximately 24″ in length.  Simply slide the knots around the cord to wear your necklace long, short or in-between! ALL of our products come to you in BRAND NEW, UNUSED CONDITION. We will package your purchase with SPECIAL care and send to you via USPS First Class mail.

Discover a Treasure from the American West: Grizzly Bear Claw Necklaces were worn by tribal men; both warriors and spiritual leaders sought to cultivate relationships with the powers of the bear. They were highly valued because they reflected the strength and courage of the bear. Bear claws were not considered to be mere symbols, but rather potent, compelling links to a living, spiritual essence of tremendous force. These necklaces are the perfect choice for reenactment events such as Mountain Man Rendezvous, Shaman Medicine Man, Pirate, Renaissance, Medieval, Pow Wow Rendezvous, Living History and many other events.

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