Two Fire Fighter Straps for Sunglasses

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Two Smoking Hot Fire Fighter Straps
for Sunglasses or Reading Glasses
Firefighter Neoprene Straps for Sunglasses
Perfect Gift for All Ages Male or Female


TWO FIRE FIGHTER NEOPRENE STRAPS for Sunglasses or Reading Glasses. Get them while we still have a few left in stock before it is too late. These Fire Fighter straps are NO LONGER BEING PRODUCED. They are perfect for work or EVERYDAY! Prioritize how you accessorize by teaming our neoprene straps (CROAKIES) with our FIRE FIGHTER SUNGLASSES.

Are you tired of always losing your eyeglasses or sunglasses? Attach these straps to your glasses, slip them on or let them hang around your neck. Show your Fire Fighter Pride with our Fire Fighter Neoprene Straps for sunglasses or reading glasses. Sunglasses hang from the 20″ strap with flexible tube openings to fit snugly over thin to wide styles. Why not purchase multiple straps for your extra reading glasses and sunglasses? All of our products come to you in NEW, UNUSED CONDITION. We will package your purchase with special care and send to you via USPS First Class mail.

Most importantly, these eyeglasses/sunglasses straps are NO LONGER BEING PRODUCED. You will want to purchase them TODAY while they are still available.


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