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Enchanted Owl of the Night

When the snows come to the valleys
And there’s no food to be found,
Early morning is when you’ll see her
Tossing seeds upon the ground.

All the owls fly to greet her
And they seem to understand . . .
That she comes with love and kindness,
As she offers them her hand.



A range of stunning light reflective textures add extra dimensions of light, movement and depth to each print.  A COPY OF THE POEM IS INCLUDED.

A large share of these light-reflective prints are no longer being produced. We have a limited amount left in stock, and they will no longer be available. The MAT IS INCLUDED and the print comes READY TO FRAME. This beautiful LIGHT REFLECTIVE print reflects an ever-changing array of shimmering brilliant colors. These are NO ORDINARY PRINTS! Each print has its own unique range of stunning light-reflective qualities which reflect at any angle with any type of lighting. Direct light, sunlight, colored lights, fire light and candle light will all have an enhanced changing effect on these works of art. Each print comes to you in New, Unused Condition via USPS First Class mail. Each print is sealed in a RESEALABLE, CLEAR poly envelope for protection. The size of each print is: 6¼” by 8¼”. Before framing the overall size of the art piece is 8″ x 10″ with the INCLUDED DIAMOND WHITE MAT. A copy of the poem is ALSO INCLUDED with this lovely print.



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